“Hold the jícara with two hands and find yourself looking at your chocolate, drink it slowly and reverently. Enjoy the here and now that life is gifting you!” María

Inspired by the ancient traditions, we drink chocolate with a natural bowl called “Jícara”, the word comes from “xicalli” in Nahuatl meaning a vessel or container. The jícara was used in prehispanic times as a measure and as a cup for the higher echelons of the Aztec empire’s organization.

Our jícaras are made from a fruit shell from the calabash tree and are beautifully decorated by hand with “the maque” technique by Don Ismael Guzmán in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Our jícaras fit 8oz to 10oz.

*These are natural and each piece is unique, the color tone and size may vary (13-14cm diameter).

*This product is tax exempt.