Cacao Mass


Unsweetened, Untempered chocolate.

Single origin MEXICO – SOCONUSCO.

This is 100% cacao and it´s not as refined as a chocolate bar. It can be melted down or pulverized to make your own chocolate recipes.

Cacao nibs are ground, and because about half of the cacao bean is fat, it transforms into a liquid mass that´s called “cacao liquor.”

Even when solidified, it’s called cacao liquor, which can be confusing for consumers thinking it contains alcohol, so some Chocolate Makers call it “cacao mass.”

Harvest – October 2022.

Prune & hazelnut aroma, and rich chocolatey notes.

Ingredients: Organic Fine Flavour Cacao

Available as

  • 454g | 1 lb,
  • Set of 5 pieces of 1 lb each,
  • Single (large) piece of 10 lbs.

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