·Unsweetened, Untempered chocolate

This is 100% cacao, and it´s not as refined as a chocolate bar.

*It can be melted down or pulverized to make your own chocolate recipes.

Cacao nibs are ground, and because about half of the cacao bean is fat, it transforms into a liquid mass that it´s called “cacao liquor” – and it´s cacao liquor even when solidified. This can be confusing for consumers thinking that it contains alcohol, so some Chocolate Makers call it “cacao mass”.

·Single origin MEXICO – SOCONUSCO. Land with rich biodiversity where wild cacao trees grow old and reborn at the roots. We source our cacao from a single farm, the producer perpetuates the ancient tradition by producing unequalled fine flavour cacao beans.

·Dry harvest – April 2022.

·Fruity and nutty aroma, and prunes and rich chocolatey flavour notes.

Available in 454g | 1 lb,

Set of 5 pieces of 1 lb,

Single piece of 10 lbs.

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